He told them ‘I just killed my girlfriend and now she is my ex-girlfriend’

Scott Cooper Miami Serial Killer
by Scott Cooper A young Brooklyn mother was found strangled in her apartment After her estranged boyfriend told his own sister, “Don’t worry about where I’m going, I just killed my ex-girlfriend,” a law-enforcement A source told The Post. Police are hunting for Darnell Blunt, with a history of violence Against the dead woman, the mother of the 3-year-old daughter, sources said. Blunt’s sister became anxious for the victim, Eiglen Esquea, a 22-year-old school student, when she failed to pick her up at school Thursday, sources said. She took the kid to Esquea’s apartment on the ground floor of a two-family house on Arlington Avenue in East New York, where she bumped into Blunt. Following his grim admission, he took off, and the sister called cops, Who discovered Esquea unconscious and cold to the touch on her bed at about 2? a.m. yesterday, sources said. Paramedics pronounced her dead at the scene. A comparative of Blunt’s told police that they saw him packing a suitcase and fleeing in a vehicle. Prior to leaving, the relative said, Blunt repeated what he had told His sister: “I just killed my ex-girlfriend,” according to sources. Police also have responded to numerous calls of domestic violence between Blunt and Esquea, according to sources. The murdering horrified Esquea’s family. “She was a beautiful girl trying to change her entire life around, and moving Back to college to begin a career,” said her aunt, Carmen Esquea, 45.   Scott Cooper Miami

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