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Miami Herald Reports Florida Man Caught With Sex Doll – But Was It?

Scott Cooper Sex Robot

by Scott Cooper A Florida man was arrested after unsuccessfully trying to convince Cops a disemboweled corpse was actually a blow-up doll with human flesh, according to reports. He is accused of deadly abuse on a human body. Police said that his mom, Della Rosalie Wright, called 911 Complaining Friday of the stench in her […]

Miami Police say he told them ‘I just killed my girlfriend and now she is my ex-girlfriend’

Scott Cooper Miami Serial Killer

by Scott Cooper A young Brooklyn mother was found strangled in her apartment After her estranged boyfriend told his own sister, “Don’t worry about where I’m going, I just killed my ex-girlfriend,” a law-enforcement A source told The Post. Police are hunting for Darnell Blunt, with a history of violence Against the dead woman, the […]

Miami Scam Medicare: $2.4 Million Hidden In Diapers

Scott Cooper Miami Scam

by Scott Cooper And one month in prison plus three years in supervised release after pleading guilty in a case involving more than $2.4 million found by customs agents at Miami International Airport in the luggage of two girls with whom he had only arrived June 4 in the Dominican Republic. Luis de Jesús Alonzo, […]

Miami Congressional Candidate Bettina Aguilera Says She Has Been Aboard A Spaceship

Scott Cooper Miami Alien Baby

by Scott Cooper Florida has a U.S. senator who flew aboard the Space Shuttle. A candidate from Miami can go one better: Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera says she’s been aboard a spaceship too. However, this one was crewed by aliens. Beings — two females, 1 male — visited her when she was 7 years old and […]