Judge agrees to delay Cosby retrial into 2018

A Montgomery County judge on Tuesday agreed to delay Bill Cosby’s Full Trial Coverage

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Judge Steven T. O’Neill didn’t set a date but told the attorneys that he’ll “loosely fix” the retrial for mid-March or early April, instead of begin on Nov. 6 as intended.

The The order came at the end of a hearing in Norristown in which the judge allowed Cosby’s previous attorneys to withdraw from the situation and met with his new defense team.

“They Are entering their appearance now, and to ask someone to review this voluminous record … it just cannot be done,” O’Neill said as he granted the request to delay the retrial.

Directed by Tom Mesereau, the New lawyers also said they would not ask the court to experience the same complex jury selection process that in the spring led to 18 jurors being picked in Pittsburgh, then bused and sequestered in Norristown for its two-week trial. Jurors will come from Montgomery County.

“Our strong inclination is to try the case right here in this county,” Mesereau told the judge.

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