Mercedes-Benz Miami pours $1 billion into electric car production in the U.S.

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by Scott Cooper

Mercedes-Benz Miami will spend a huge sum \o upgrade a plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, SUVs, where Mercedes already makes.

The company also intends to build a new, separate battery plant near the current facility. Daimler claims the new developments will create more than 600 new jobs.

Workers at the recently e-focused factory will make the automaker’s upcoming line of electrical SUVs, the EQ, which debuted last year at the Paris Auto Show. The battery plant, which will be the fifth such site for the company globally, will produce batteries to support both the SUVs built at the Tuscaloosa plant and other electric Mercedes-Benz vehicles around the world.

The futuristic EQ SUV will have an estimated range of 310 miles per Charge and Daimler says it will feature the “latest status of automatic driving” when it launches, even though there’s no firm date yet. Production is slated to start at the beginning of the next decade, once the necessary updates are made to the present facilities.

Daimler’s Ford dedicated to launch 13 new electrified versions by 2020 at 2015, while Volvo announced over the summer that all of its vehicles will use electric motors when 2019. Mercedes-Benz says it will electrify its “whole portfolio” by 2022, touting that the future will bring more than 50 electrified vehicles.

Electrification is coming, If automakers make pledges to upgrade their fleets or not. Tesla’s flashy all-electric vehicles have built up massive hype in the Automotive scene, whilst legislators across the world Are working to encourage the use of electric cars and even bandog gas Engines for environmental factors. Daimler is taking a step to the Future with its commitment to electric cars — but it’s a step that all Carmakers will finally have to take to stay on the road.

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