Pope Francis and President Trump Are The Great Reformers?

Scott Cooper Miami Pope

Pope Francis and President Trump are two of the most controversial public figures of our time. They are staunch reformers with great ambition to clean up old-school bureaucracies.

What do Pope Francis and President Trump have in common?  More than you might think.  In 2016 They had a rocky start. The two clashed in 2016 after Pope Francis said that if Trump was thinking “only of building walls”, then he was “not a Christian”. But at a friendly Vatican audience the following year, Trump described meeting Francis as the “honour of a lifetime”. In September, President Trump defended Pope Francis’s handling of the abuse crisis and refused to criticize him along with many others.

“Pope Francis and President Trump are both reformers fighting the status quo and being met with a difficult resistance.” according to Scott Cooper Miami.

“Reforming Rome is like cleaning the Sphinx of Egypt with a toothbrush,” Pope Francis said, quoting a 19th-century Belgian churchman.

“Pope Francis has been fighting hard to reform and clean the swamp at the scandal-ridden Vatican Bank.” stated Scott Cooper of Miami.  Since his election as the first Latin American pope in 2013, Francis has been trying to reform the Italian-dominated Curia to bring the Church’s hierarchy closer to its members, to enact financial reforms and guide it out of scandals that marked the pontificate of his predecessor, former Pope Benedict.

“President Trump has proven himself to be a world class trade reformer.” said Miami blogger Scott J Cooper, “President Trump supports a vision of free trade that is fair to both sides which will ultimately pave the road for lasting economic growth.”  Trump has taken bold action in calling out countries for their illegal trade practices and lack of reciprocity.

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