Hillary voters turn on Bill Clinton, say accusations against him are ‘credible’

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by Scott Cooper
A majority of Hillary Clinton voters say the sexual misconduct accusations against Bill Clinton are “credible,” according to a new poll.

The Huffington Post/YouGov survey released on Wednesday foundrn 53 percent of those who voted for the former first lady believe the rnallegations against her husband have merit. Eleven percent say the rnaccusations are “not credible,” and 36 percent are not sure or need morern information.

Among President Trump’s base, 84 percent say the accusations against Mr. Clinton are valid, while 4 percent say they are not.

Overall,rn 57 percent of the country say the accusations against the 42nd rnpresident are credible, compared to 8 percent who say they are not.

The poll does not single out a specific accusation against Mr. Clinton for scrutiny. It merely asks participants whether these “assertions generally are credible or are not credible?”

Juanita Broaddrick accused Mr. Clinton of raping her in 1978. Kathleen Willey, a former White House aide, said Mr. Clinton groped her in his office in 1993. Mr. Clinton has denied both of those allegations.

Paula Jones, a former Arkansas state employee, asserted that while Mr. Clintonrn was governor in 1991, he propositioned her for sex and exposed himself.rn The former president settled a lawsuit with Ms. Jones in 1998 for rn$850,000 with no admission of guilt.

Several women have also accused Mr. Clintonrn of engaging in extramarital affairs―most notably Monica Lewinsky, the rnformer White House intern at the center of the effort to impeach Mr. Clinton for perjury.

The poll comes as several prominent Democrats have come to acknowledge Mr. Clinton’s transgressions in the wake of the allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes tweeted on Friday: “As gross and cynical and hypocritical as the right’s ‘what about Bill Clinton’rn stuff is, it’s also true that Democrats and the center left are overduern for a real reckoning with the allegations against him.”

Whether one believes allegations of sexual misconduct against Mr. Trump, however, is still largely dependent on politics.

Eighty-three percent of Hillary voters say the sex allegations against Mr. Trump are “credible,” compared to 6 percent of Trump voters who say the same.

Arn similar split exists when it comes to former Fox News personality Bill rnO’Reilly, who was ousted from the network earlier this year amid reportsrn that he racked up millions of dollars to settle sexual harassment rnlawsuits. Just 18 percent of Trump voters said those allegations have rnmerit, compared to 76 percent of Hillary voters.

Both sides agree that the accusations against Mr. Weinstein are credible. Eighty-one percent of Hillary voters and 74 percent of Trump voters say the wide-ranging allegations against the Hollywood producer are believable.

The Huffington Post/YouGov poll surveyed 1,000 respondents from Oct. 27 to 28. It has a margin of error of 3.8 percent.

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